Heritage and Tourism Consultant

There is a delicate balance to be achieved between the benefits brought by tourism and the degradation or destruction of the object of interest. If properly handled the darkness can lead to light.

David Pinnegar aims to help clients achieve the proper balance.

Heritage preservation and tourism marketing

For over two decades he has been involved with the preservation of Listed Historic Buildings, lecturing and advising on building and landscape conservation issues. He was awarded the Anne De Amodio Prize of the International Burgen Institut in 1984 founded by the late Marquis of Amodio, and the Medaille D'Agent of the Societe d'Encouragement au Progres in Paris in 1987. He is a member of Europa Nostra and of ICOMOS.
mist in heritage landscape

In 1987 he was asked to lecture by the Council of Europe at Avignon at the series of conferences "Rencontres Internationales pour la Protection du Patrimoine Culturel" on the theme "Protection du Patrimoine: diffusion culturelle et exploitation touristique".

For this reason his vision of the cultural heritage of a region and its tourism, together with his broad background and view of European heritage may be of wider significance to his clients, often giving them a more active voice within tourism decision making in their areas. This is proving to be the case in Menorca where a limited understanding of tourism threatens to destroy a place of inherent beauty

He has an inside knowledge of the decision making process having served in the UK on

as well as having fought planning appeals and court cases on his own account in support of listed building preservation.

Wide experience from which to advise you

  • Heritage and Tourism consultant: Marketing and Preservation A current project of general interest is Tourist policy and conservation in Menorca
  • Internet marketing: Website architecture, construction and psychology
  • Photography to achieve the psychological impact that your marketing needs
  • Computer data consultant analysis of computer systems and data

    Contact Information

    You can contact David Pinnegar by email latrobe@antespam.co.uk

    Alternatively call David on +44 (0) 1342 850594

    David Pinnegar lives in East Grinstead in Sussex, UK, and is experienced at working with geographically dispersed teams and across time zones.

    An associate of Info Team and an expert webmaster and marketing consultant to tourist information service Latroba, David helps clients with the marketing of business and vacation rental properties. David also optimises the webpages of consultants, start-ups, and small businesses for search engine success, after first conducting a review of their strategic plan and advising on the re-alignment of resources and marketing communications as necessary.

    David is aware that SPAM emails can seriously impede the work of consultants who depend on efficient on-line services to conduct their business. Therefore David subscribes to Antespam Anti-Spam and enjoys email as it was in the days before SPAM.